Different Types Of Wheat Flour Which You Can Use For Cooking

Thursday, 12-Aug-2021 |

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Flour is a staple food item for most people across the globe. Millions of people are making use of flour for different purposes. One of the most common types of flour that is used in baking and other types of cooking is wheat flour. Most often, you would find different types of wheat flour being used for baking purposes. Mostly, you make use of wheat flour in baking bread, cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits, and various other items. Wheat flour is considered healthy and highly nutritious, which makes it a high-demand flour.

The people who are experts in baking know that for baking different items, you would be needing different types of wheat flour. So what are these different types of wheat flour, and how should they be used for cooking purposes?

#1 All-Purpose Flour:

This is the most common type of wheat flour that is used in almost all kitchens. All-purpose flour is milled from a combination of hard as well as soft wheat grains. In the all-purpose flour, you would find that the protein content is present at a moderate level. This is what makes it a versatile flour. It can be used in baking almost all types of food, such as muffins, pies, pancakes, pizza, cookies, pasta, and even varieties of bread.

#2 Bread Flour:

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Bread flour is a type of wheat flour that is very strong and possesses a high level of protein content. When the protein is high, it means that the gluten level in the flour would also be high. The bread flour would have a bit of a coarse texture, and the color of the flour is usually off-white. The coarse nature of the bread flour is what makes it suitable for baking pizza dough, the bread of different types, buns, and various other baked items.

#3 Cake Flour:

It is another type of wheat flour, which is slightly different from bread flour and all-purpose flour. In this flour, you would find the protein level to be on the lower side, which is around 5 to 8 percent. Due to less protein level, the wheat flour has low gluten, and thus it can be used to make baked items that are softer in texture. Items generally baked with cake flour are cakes, muffins, and also biscuits.

#4 Self Rising Flour:

The name self-rising is given to this type of flour because, during the milling process, baking powder and salt are added to it. The self-rising flour is made from soft wheat grains, and they have a protein level of around 8 to 10 percent. The self-rising flour is usually used in baking scones, cookies, biscuits, and even pancakes.

#5 Whole Wheat Flour:

whole wheat flour

The whole wheat flour is milled from the wheat grains, but the kernel of the grain is separated into three different elements – endosperm, bran, and germ. The protein level in the whole wheat flour is highest — approximately 14 to 15%. Thus they are high in gluten as well. If you are allergic to gluten, then you must avoid consuming whole wheat flour in baking any of the items. When the presence of gluten in the flour is high, it will make the baking dough very sticky. The whole wheat flour can be used in preparing seitan which is usually beneficial for health. Another thing that you must note about whole wheat flour is that they are easily perishable compared to other types of wheat, and thus it must be stored in airtight jars or containers and in a cool place. Moreover, you need to ensure that the flour is not stored for more than 6 months, even if stored properly.


Wheat is quite essential for the health of the body, and thus you should focus on consuming different types of wheat flour. But you should know which type of wheat flour should be used in cooking what item. Only then you would be able to bake all the food items with perfection. Also, you should know about the protein level in all types of wheat flour. If you are intolerant to gluten, then avoid wheat flour that is high in protein.