Inventory Management

Silo Wheat Flour | US Flour

The availability of flour is subject to a finite supply and an ever-changing, yearly cycle of complications. Unforeseen circumstances tend to arise and can jeopardize a business’s ability to maximize production runs or keep proper inventory levels. If a business were to solely rely on a made-to-order purchasing system, they risk the chance of production shut down. Then again, an abundance of inventory can be costly and can tie up much-needed cash flow.

US FLOUR has inventory stored in strategically located inventory terminals around the country. We keep a surplus of customized inventory for each of our customers and our asset management system automatically re-orders an item when stock is low. Our flour is billed when delivered, not ordered, so OUR inventory costs don’t become YOUR inventory costs.

Our inventory system allows us to capitalize on relatively short trucking routes. Nearby access to ready-to-ship inventory is always available for our customers and for urgent deliveries. Thus, delivery times are shortened, freight costs are minimized, and savings can be forwarded directly to the customer – translating into a lower purchase price.

In most cases, flour can be ORDERED and DELIVERED within the same day.

US Flour understands that downtime can be catastrophic and has safeguards in place to ensure that backup supply is available for express deliveries in times of shortages or emergencies.

Logistics Management