Common Treatments and Options

  1. Bleaching

    To modify color

  2. Enrichment

    Enriched flour undergoes a process meant to replenish essential nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, and even calcium that have been lost during the manufacturing process. Enrichment is necessary, especially for white flours, in order to restore the flour to its original, unrefined nutritional status. The result is “enriched flour.”

  3. Malt

    Grains that were soaked in water until they began to sprout, but were stopped from germinating further by being dried with hot air. This process, known as “malting,” develops the enzymes required to break down the grain’s starches into sugars as well as the enzymes that break down proteins so they can be used by yeast. High-protein forms of malted barley are often an ingredient in flours used to bake yeast breads and other baked goods.

  4. Ash

    Ash content is determined by exposing a sample of flour to high heat until all of the moisture and organic materials have burned away, leaving only ash (the non-combustible, inorganic minerals) and revealing the amount of bran contamination in the flour. The more ash there is in a type of flour, the darker the color of the finished products. For example, whole wheat flour has a high ash content while white flour has a much lower ash content.

  5. Moisture

    To determine the moisture content of a type of flour, a sample of flour is heated in an oven and the amount of weight loss that occurs during this process is measured. This number (expressed as a percentage) is the moisture content. This percentage can be an early indicator of flour quality and storability. Flour with a high moisture content (above 14.5%) may support mold and bacteria growth as well as insects, over time. Nonetheless, the flour will retain more of its moisture after baking.  Flour with a low moisture content is less prone to deterioration and will be more stable during storage.

  6. Bromate

    Contains potassium bromate, a chemical oxidizer that works as a dough conditioner. It can enhance the appearance of your baked goods by allowing them to rise higher and display a finer crumb.

  7. Preservatives

  8. Maturing Agents

    strengthens gluten development

  9. Dough Enhancers

  10. Kosher

  11. Yushon

  12. Non-GMO Certification

  13. Certified Organic

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