Logistics Management

Flour prices can fluctuate extensively the further you are from the farm and the mill. The only way to mitigate these fluctuations is through proper logistics management.

The strength and character of wheat tends to be unique to each geographical area and can differ significantly from region to region. Since flour requirements vary depending on use and application, many bakeries need flour sourced from several geographic regions in order to produce diversified product lines. US FLOUR excels in transporting these flours into its terminals at costs normally associated to sourcing local supply.

At one time, the only way to secure your competitive advantage, logistically, was to source a local mill. Due to economies of scale and advances in technology & logistics, many mills are able to compete or outperform their local counterparts even though flour has to travel much greater distances to reach its final destination.

US FLOUR specializes in sourcing its customers the flour that ‘travels best’ to their location and ‘works best’ for their application.

Using our logistics management system, we are able to capitalize on the low costs of our transportation system so when its time for the last leg of delivery, trucking routes are minimized. Coupled with our economies of scale, this formula has given US FLOUR a distinct competitive advantage.

US FLOUR understands that when logistics are mismanaged, freight costs can negate any competitive advantage obtained through skillful purchasing.

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