A Guide To Bulk Flour Storage

Monday, 25-May-2020 |

A Guide To Bulk Flour Storage

Storing flour in large quantities is actually helpful as it means you will be saving money and you would always have some on hand flour for different baking delicious food items you love. Having flour is an essential item in every kitchen or baking pantry. Nowadays, most of the people are taking a keen interest in baking and working to make their own sourdough and flour have suddenly become a hot commodity. So when people get their hands on something precious they try to store it in large quantities. But while storing, you must ensure that you know how to store large quantities of flour properly.

Flour is considered as a staple item and is at risk of both rancidity and vermin. These flour bugs destroy the taste of the bread and other items. Hence, it is essential to store flour properly.

The storage should be cold:

It is essential to prevent the flour from bugs and going bad. It simply means that you need to keep the natural oils in the product as cool as possible. If you are not storing the flour in a cool place then the flour would suddenly go rancid and destroy the quality of the flour. Keeping the flour in a cool place will prevent it from rancidity and also kill the pests. It would be better to have access to a large chest freezer. The second best place could be the fridge. You can store extra flour in the fridge if it is not loaded with other items. In case you do not have any space in the fridge then find a place in your home that is naturally cool.

Storing The Flour In An Air-Tight Container:

If you are using flour for a short period of time then you can keep it in the original bag but if you are planning to store it for long-term then make sure you are keeping it in an air-tight container. Storing the flour in an air-tight container will protect it from the bad smell and from getting stale.

Storing The Flour In Dark Place:

Flour should be kept in a place where there is complete darkness and no amount of light reaches the place. Light generates heat and can also encourage oxidation which can easily destroy the fresh flour. Freezers and refrigerators are naturally dark places so you do not have to worry about light if you are storing the flour in the fridge. You can store the flour in an opaque airtight container or make use of a thermal bag. Make sure that you are keeping the thermal bag of flour in the coolest spot in your house. The stoneware flour canister would be the best option to store the flour for the long-term. Generally, the canister is large enough to store around 5 pounds of flour.

Always Store The Flour In Airtight Bag:

Basically, the flour gets spoiled due to the spoilage that comes from oxygen, you must understand one simple thing – no air no spoilage. Yes, you can definitely store the flour in paper bags or plastic bags. If you are using a paper bag then store it in the zip-top pouch or plastic bag. Before sealing the zip bag, you must remove as much air as possible and then store the bag in a cool dark place.

Storing Flour In Barrels And Drums:

Flour is basically sensitive to moisture and well-loved by critters. Hence it is imperative to store it in a sealed manner that won’t allow the flour to get destroyed by critters and moisture. If you are looking to store bulk flour for long-term then you would be needing huge barrels and drums. You can get great food-grade barrels and drums with a wide range of sizes right from 5 gallons to 55 gallons. They are quite affordable and specifically made for storing purposes. You can choose the best one that best fits your requirement.

Protecting The Pantry From Pests:

Although you are storing the flour in large sealed containers, it is also essential to maintain the cleanliness of the pantry or area where the large containers are kept. If you do not clean it regularly, the moths and other pests would start developing within no time. You must be extra careful during summer because moths and other pests become very active.

Some General Tips

Here are some general tips that will help you in storing a large quantity of flour for a long-term period.

  • The flour should be stored in its original packaging or in an airtight container on a shelf or in a cupboard in a cool part of your kitchen.
  • You must remember to never mix old flour with new flour.
  • If you are using wholemeal flour then note that the oils from the germ and bran can become rancid with age and can spoil the flour. You can store them for six to nine months but not more than that.


You might have assumed that storing flour would be extremely easy. Just get the heavy bag of flour from the grocery and then tuck it away in your pantry. Well, now you know why it is essential to store the flour in a large air-tight container, in a cool, dark place. The flour can easily go rancid with time and might also attract various unwanted critters.