Can Whole Wheat Flour Be Substituted For All-Purpose Flour

Thursday, 11-Mar-2021 |

Can Whole Wheat Flour Be Substituted For All-Purpose Flour

Baking is a science and also an art. The people who love to bake are aware of the fact that there are multiple types of flour, and each flour has a different purpose and is used for baking different items. If you are out of any specific type of flour, you can always make use of the all-purpose flour for baking different delicious items. According to expert nutritionists and dieticians, consuming all-purpose flour or white flour is not a healthy option, as they do not provide any nutritional value to the body. These flours definitely make the items tasty but are not very healthy for our body. So people have started opting for whole wheat flour instead of making use of the all-purpose flour. But the question here arises: can you substitute or use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour? Yes, certainly you can substitute whole wheat flour, but there are few things that you need to follow for successful substitution. When you are using whole wheat flour instead of white flour, you would get the resultant product that is light, tasty, and filled with nutritional values.

The expert bakers claim that it is easy to replace whole wheat flour in place of the commonly used all-purpose flour for baking each item. Here are some of the important steps, which will help you to make the right use of whole wheat flour when it comes to baking. You must ensure that the whole wheat flour you are getting from the stores or from millers must be fresh and of high quality. Only then you will be able to make sure that you will be getting proper nutrition and taste. In the beginning, you might be hesitant to make use of the whole wheat flour, so use it in small quantities. It will help you in understanding the exact proportions of flour (whole wheat flour) required to bake a particular item.

You must not add more than 25% of whole wheat flour to the ratio of all-purpose, otherwise, it will bring out a different resultant product that will be different in texture, taste, and even flavor.

For getting the best result, you must try to substitute whole wheat flour by volume and not by considering the weight. In comparison to all-purpose flour, whole-wheat flour generally weighs less. It will help the whole wheat flour to absorb more water as compared to all-purpose flour. With the same volume of whole wheat flour as that of all-purpose flour, you would end up having a heavier per cup weight of the baked item. You can follow this ratio to be very sure about the amount of whole wheat flour that you need to substitute.

Whole Wheat Flour

In one cup of all-purpose flour, you will get 90 grams of carbohydrates, 10–12 grams of protein, 0 fats, and 4–5 grams of fiber. In comparison, in one cup of whole wheat flour, you will receive about 2 grams fat, 16–20 grams protein, 75–80 grams of carbohydrates, and 10–12 grams of fiber. This explains that you must use a quarter or one-third cup whole wheat and three quarters to two-thirds cup all-purpose in almost all the baking items. Starting with small substitution is essential because it will help you in getting used to the slightly different taste and texture. Although you are looking for a healthy flour option for all the baking items, before you do that, it is quite essential to know that you should replace all-purpose flour in small quantities and not completely while baking.

All-Purpose Flour

If you replace the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour completely, then you won’t be able to get a desirable end product. The baked item would be completely dense and not develop a good flavor. The baked item would be dense because the whole wheat flour will not rise to a level that can be obtained with all-purpose flour. So you cannot substitute the whole wheat flour 100% but add small quantities so that you gain the nutritional benefits.


With the increasing demand for whole wheat flour, you can find them in any online or physical store. All you have to do is to purchase fresh quality whole wheat flour and in the required amount. Integrating whole wheat flour into your daily diet will not only keep you healthy but also energetic and active throughout the day.