Choose Whole Wheat Flour For A Wholesome Meal

Friday, 1-Jan-2021 |

Choose Whole Wheat Flour For A Wholesome Meal

Nowadays, people are looking forward to having a healthy diet and are focusing on the overall well-being of the body. Along with exercises, it is quite essential to consume food that provides nutrition to the body and not eat something such as fast food, which does not have any sort of nutritional value. When talking about the daily nutritious diet, the first thing that comes to our minds is flour. It is considered a staple item and something that all of us consume on a daily basis. But you must take note that not all the flours are equally healthy. Different flours have different nutritional values. You can ask your dietician or the nutritionist to guide you to choose the best flour according to your health requirements. If you are unable to consult anyone, then this blog will help you in choosing the flour that would be the best for a wholesome meal.

First of all, you must understand what whole-wheat flour is, and then we will be moving ahead to understand different ways in which you can choose the right whole-wheat flour for your daily meal.

What Do You Mean By Whole-Wheat Flour?

What Do You Mean By Whole-Wheat Flour

Whole-wheat flour refers to the flour that is derived from the whole grains, which includes the bran which is the tough outer layer of the grain, a germ that is present in the kernel and germinates the plant, and endosperm that is the main component of flour. Generally, the appearance of this type of flour is a bit coarse and slightly brown in color, when compared to the white flour, which is completely soft in texture and white in appearance. Moreover, the white flour is just made from the endosperm of the wheat grain and does not possess high nutrition. But the soft texture of the white flours makes it highly suitable for baking purposes.

Why You Must Choose Whole-Wheat Flour For Wholesome Meals?

#1 It Has High Content Of Fiber:

This flour is considered nutritious and healthy for the body because of the dietary fiber that is present in whole grains. The proportion of this dietary fiber is very high in whole grains. With the help of this fiber, you can easily ensure that your body’s digestion process is smooth and ensure that you do not face any issues of constipation or dehydration. Moreover, this fiber that you receive from the whole grain flour is helpful in regulating blood cholesterol and glucose levels. The best aspect of consuming whole grain flour in your meals is that you maintain a healthy gut or gastrointestinal tract. It will eliminate all the digestive problems and help in improving the energy level throughout the day.

#2 Whole-Wheat Flour Is Completely Packed With Nutritious Values:

Whole-Wheat Flour Is Completely Packed With Nutritious Values

This flour is full of all the essential nutrition required by the body because it is made from the wheat grain germ. The germ is concentrated with many of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

You can get vitamins and minerals that are crucial for multiple biochemical processes in your body. For instance, magnesium lowers blood pressure and safeguards against type 2 diabetes. Zinc is required for metabolic functions and for improving immunity. Folate is necessary for red blood cell formation. Thiamin converts carbohydrates into energy. Finally, potassium for fluid balance, and phosphorus for bone and teeth formation. Besides this, you also get healthy fats from whole-wheat flour, which is necessary for providing energy for daily activities.

Now that you have understood the significance of whole-wheat flour in your diet, it is also equally important to know how to choose the right wholewheat flour. Not every shop or store would be providing you the high-quality whole-wheat flour.

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right whole-wheat flour.

Analyze The Texture Of The Whole-Wheat Flour: You can touch the flour and run it between your fingers. It should feel coarse and should not stick to your fingers. It should not have any clumps either. This is how you identify the freshness of the flour. The wheat flour you are getting must be of high quality. Only then would you be able to reap the benefits of whole-wheat flour.

Buy Whole-Wheat Flour From The Bulk Bins: The bulk bins are refilled with fresh flour every day or two. So you must prefer to buy the flour from the bulk bins. If you are keen on getting the flour in packets, then do check the expiry date before making the purchase.

Choose Organic Whole-Wheat Flour: Organic flour will help in promoting your health as its free of pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals used in agriculture. Organic grains are also full of all the nutrition that is required by the body. Some people also choose to have a gluten-free diet, if so, then check the packaging label, and verify whether the flour is indeed gluten-free. Regular whole-wheat flour contains a certain proportion of gluten in it naturally. You can choose the flour that suits your requirements.


For a healthy body and mind, you must focus on a nutritious and balanced diet. A balanced diet refers to the food that you consume during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals must be packed with the right quantity of food items made with whole-wheat flour, green vegetables, fruits, and nuts. This will help in providing you a wholesome meal.