How To Use Whole Wheat Flour In Lemon Bread

Wednesday, 13-Jan-2021 |

How to use whole wheat flour In lemon bread

Nowadays, people are aware of the health benefits of regular exercising or having a balanced diet. An increasing number of people are avoiding white flour and making use of whole wheat flour in almost all baked items. Although there is a slight change in taste and texture of the bread and many other baked items that are prepared from whole wheat flour — but it is extremely healthy.

What Do We Mean By Whole Wheat Flour?

What Do We Mean By Whole Wheat Flour

Similar to white flour, whole wheat flour is the ground powder that is derived by grinding or milling the whole wheat grains. In the white flour, only the endosperm part of the wheat grain is used whereas, in the whole wheat grain, the kernel part of the whole wheat grain is also included — that means the bran, germ, and the endosperm. These days people are making use of whole wheat flour in order to get richer and denser textured products compared to products made from white flour. The texture of whole wheat flour is a bit coarse when compared to white flour. This texture is because of the presence of bran and germ in the flour.

What Are Some Of The Applications Of Whole Wheat Flour?

Basically, whole wheat flour is used in baking a wide range of food items, and some of its other usages are listed below:

1. Whole wheat flour is used to provide the form or structure to baked goods by providing immense gluten and starch to the baked goods. With the help of starch, the baked goods get a good stable structure.

2. Whole wheat flour is used for items that require liquid absorption. Along with large moisture content, whole wheat flour has a high capacity for absorbing proteins and pentosans. It is also helpful in binding up to form a coherent structure in baked goods.

3. Whole wheat flour is used widely and also liked by people because it offers a nutty flavor to baked goods. This flavor is due to the presence of bran and germ in the baked items.

4. There are many people who look forward to using whole wheat flour in order to develop a rich brown color to their baked goods.

5. The most important fact is that whole wheat flour is rich in nutritional value. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, and also antioxidants to make the food healthy as well as tasty.

If you want to cook or bake something delicious out of whole wheat flour, then you can make delicious lemon bread which you can serve to your family members along with a cup of coffee or tea. When you are adding whole wheat flour in the process of baking lemon bread, the result you get is extremely tasty, soft, and moist bread. With the given recipe, you could bake a large-sized loaf of lemon bread, which would be enough to serve around 7-8 people and enjoy it with your family.

While preparing the lemon bread with whole wheat the ingredient you need are

  • Whole wheat flour 350gms/ 1.74 cups
  • Whole cane sugar 250gms/ 1.25 cups
  • baking powder 15gms/ 1tbsp
  • milk 150 ml/ 3/4 cup
  • eggs 4
  • sunflower oil 200ml/ 1 cup
  • Juice and zest of 1 lemon

Lemon Bread

These are all the essential things that you would be needed for making lemon bread by using whole wheat flour. The steps for preparing lemon bread are pretty simple.

Take a large bowl and add the ingredients — milk, sugar, eggs, and lemon juice and mix them well. It will take several minutes to completely combine these liquid ingredients. In this mixture, you must add the whole wheat flour in small quantities and keep mixing it well. Once you notice that the ingredients are completely combined, it’s time to get the mixture into the baking tin or loaf pan. Apply butter to all the inner sides of the container and gently fill the container with the mixture. Make sure you are not filling it completely. The mixture would expand while it bakes and needs enough space for it. Fill 3/4 of the baking pan and gently tap it a few times on your kitchen platform to even out the mixture. Now bake the mixture for about 30 to 40 minutes at 350 – 356degree Fahrenheit. Once baked, place it on a wire rack and let the bread cool down completely. Once it has cooled down you are ready to enjoy a soft loaf of lemon bread, which is extremely healthy, tasty, and nutritious.


You can prepare a lot of baked items from whole wheat flour such as tortillas, cookies, crackers, and not just bread. The products or the baked items that are prepared from whole wheat flour