Interesting Ways to Make Use of Old Whole Wheat Flour

Tuesday, 21-Jun-2022 |

 Old Whole Wheat Flour

Flour is a staple food that you can find in all households. You can use flour for baking a wide range of food items. Whether you have a joint family or a nuclear family, the flour requirement is always in bulk. Usually, you manage to store the flour and use it accordingly to the period. You ensure that the flour remains fresh for a longer duration. According to nutritionists, consuming fresh and quality flour is essential. Fresh flour is packed with nutritional value. If you focus on consuming fresh flour, you will get the benefits of it. If you are health conscious, you will consume whole wheat flour.

But sometimes, you are unable to make proper use of the flour. You have the bulk of old whole wheat flour still with you. How will you use it? Are you planning to throw it? Usually, old whole wheat flour does not have high nutritional value. This is because, the freshness does not remain intact. Many people would throw the old whole wheat flour. But not anymore.

Here are some interesting ways in which you can utilize old whole wheat flour without throwing it away.

Interesting Ways to Make Use of Old Whole Wheat Flour

#1 You Can Use It To Make Crispy Snacks:

 Crispy Snacks

Whole wheat flour has a coarse texture and a nutty taste. You can take advantage of this to prepare some crispy snacks. You can make a layer of whole wheat flour over potato balls or bread balls to enhance the crispness of the snacks. The crispness is due to the coarseness texture of the whole wheat flour when deep-fried in the oil. Besides, you can generate a different taste if you roast the snacks with whole wheat flour. It is an effective and perfect use of old whole wheat flour.

#2 You Can Use The Old Whole Wheat Flour In The Form Of Dusting Flour:

For some recipes, you require some dusting flour. Dusting flour is essential to make the rolling and baking non-sticky. If you do not want to throw away the old whole wheat flour, it is better to use it in the form of dusting flour. In this way, you can prevent large-scale waste of old whole wheat flour. You can use dusting flour for various recipes.

#3 Prepare Gluten From Old Whole Wheat Flour:

 Old Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour has a high amount of protein content in it. If the flour is old, you can use it to prepare gluten flour. Just add enough water to trigger the process of gluten formation. When the gluten is formed, you need to dry it and grind it. You can prepare some healthy food items from vital wheat gluten, such as seitan. Besides, you can prepare some sweets and desserts that are high in protein and fiber.

#4 Prepare Homemade Starch From Whole Wheat Flour:

You might not want to use the old whole wheat flour for consumption. It is not bad for your health.

Still, some people prefer to get fresh flour. Another interesting way to use old wheat flour is to form starch out of it. You can use starch for various kitchen purposes or fabrics. You do not have to get starch from the market, as you can prepare homemade starch without any hassle.

#5 You Can Make Breadcrumbs With Old Whole Wheat Flour:

Breadcrumbs are crunchy and crisp. You can consume it with soup and hot stew.

Usually, you get breadcrumbs from the market. These are made from all-purpose flour and are not very healthy. You have the opportunity to make the best use of old whole wheat flour and transform it into breadcrumbs. It will be crisp and have all the nutritional values of whole wheat. It is the best way to make breadcrumbs for soups and stew. You can prepare an entire stock of breadcrumbs and use it when required.


Now you do not have to worry about the old whole wheat flour in your storage. It is easy to follow these ideas and make the best use of it. If you want to buy high quality whole wheat flour, consult US Flour. They are the leading supplier of high quality wheat flour and its types in the US market and beyond. Visit the website to gain more information regarding the flours and their prices.