Top Tips For Storing Bulk Wheat Flour

Tuesday, 16-Nov-2021 |

bulk wheat flour

Flour is a staple in almost all countries. You will observe people consuming different types of flour uniquely. Some people prefer to prepare bread, flatbread, tortillas, cakes, pastries, and much more. Flour is also necessary when you wish to prepare different snacks for morning and evening munching. Out of all the types of flour, wheat flour is the most popular. Wheat flour is popular because it is highly nutritious and healthy for the body. You will find all the nutrition, minerals, and antioxidants necessary for good health in it. When you consume wheat in large quantities, there is also a need to buy the wheat flour in bulk.

You can get fresh and top-quality wheat flour from a grocery store or an online shop. However, the important thing is how to store it. When you buy wheat flour in bulk, you should ensure that it is properly stored for the next 7 to 8 months. If you do not store the wheat flour properly, it will become rancid. Sometimes, the flour critters enter and destroy the quality of the wheat flour.

So, how will you store the bulk wheat flour to keep it fresh for long? If you are unaware of it, here are some essential tips. These tips are from experts, and they will help you store bulk wheat flour in such a way that it remains fresh until use.

#1 You Should Use A Cold Area For The Bulk Wheat Storage

When you buy wheat flour in bulk, you need to ensure that it is fresh for a long time. Moreover, there is a need to keep the wheat flour protected from bugs and critters. For that, you should store the bulk wheat flour in a cold area. When you keep the bulk wheat flour in a cold area, you prevent the natural oils from oozing out. When wheat flour is kept in a warm area, the natural oils of the wheat flour destroy the quality of the flour and turn it rancid. Moreover, the low temperature of the storage place will not let the critters or bugs breed in the flour. So while storing the bulk wheat flour, choose a cold place like cold storage, pantry, or even a large refrigerator. These places will be good for storing bulk wheat flour.

#2 You Can Store The Bulk Wheat Flour In The Air-Tight Containers

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Another important aspect you should consider while storing bulk wheat flour is to keep them in an airtight container. The airtight container will not let the air enter and destroy the quality of the flour. For a short period, you can store the wheat flour in the original bag. But if you plan to store wheat flour in bulk, use airtight cans. It will keep the flour fresh even after 7 to 8 months. When you store the flour in airtight containers, you keep away the bad smells. Whenever you take the flour from an airtight container, it will always be fresh and perfect.

#3 You Should Place The Bulk Wheat Flour In A Dark Space

It is necessary to store bulk wheat flour in a dark place. By a dark place, we mean that you should not let direct sunlight enter that area. If the light increases inside where wheat flour is stored, the heat will increase. This increased heat will also increase the oxidation process in the wheat flour. This heat will ooze out the natural oils of the wheat flour and turn it rancid. To store the bulk wheat flour in a dark place, you can use a stone canister.

#4 Always Use The Air-Tight Packages Or Zip Pouches For The Packaging

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When you use bulk wheat flour, you will need to store small quantities separately for daily use. For smaller quantities, you can use air-tight pouches. These zip pouches will protect the wheat flour from spoilage and be convenient for daily use.

#5 Take Measures That Keep The Critters And Other Flour Insects From Breeding In The Storage Area

When you are storing the bulk flour in the cold storage or refrigerator, there is no chance that the critter will breed. But if you are storing the wheat flour in the pantry or on shelves, you should ensure that the critters do not breed there. You can apply some pest-killing mild chemicals in the storage area and then keep the containers (bulk bins and canisters) in it.


Usually, people assume that storing bulk wheat flour is easy. Although it is easy, you need to be careful so that the wheat flour remains fresh. For that, you need to follow some tips for storing bulk wheat flour in the proper way.