What is the Difference Between Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, And Multigrain Bread?

Monday, 3-Jan-2022 |

Types of Wheat

When you think about breakfast, what is the first thing that would come to your mind? Most of you would say any bread item. For instance, you may eat bread with eggs, bread butter, bread jam, breadcrumbs, etc. Bread is widely consumed across the globe. People in different regions consume bread in different forms. People prefer to eat bread because the recipes are quick and easy. If you are in a hurry and need a quick healthy breakfast—bread always comes in handy. Bread is of different types as they are made from a wide variety of flour.

You can bake bread from bread flour, all-purpose flour, wheat flour, and whole grain. There is one more variety of bread that is made from multigrain flour, which is considered highly nutritious. When you are given a choice to choose the one for yourself and your family, which one will you go for? Making a decision becomes difficult when you do not have proper knowledge regarding the types of bread.

So let’s begin by understanding different types of bread, then we will know which one is the best for you.

Bread Made From White Flour

White flour is also popularly known as refined flour, all-purpose flour in different parts of the world. The white flour is milled from the grain kernel—only containing the endosperm part. The bran and germ parts are removed during milling. Therefore, this flour does not contain as many nutritional values as you would find in multigrain or whole wheat grain flour. The bread baked from white flour is lighter and softer in texture.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread

As the name suggests, whole wheat bread is baked from whole wheat flour. When the term “whole” is used, it is understood that the entire wheat kernel is consumed while milling the flour. This will make the flour a bit coarse and heavier. The best aspect of consuming bread flour is that it is high in nutritional value and healthier for the body.

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread is made from the flour milled from the kernel of the grain. These grain kernels are completely intact and refer to any grain such as wheat, rye, barley, rice, oats, etc. These grains are high in nutritional values (essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants.) The flour retains all the properties exhibited by the grains. You have the flexibility to choose the whole grain flour that you and your family would like. Embrace the right recipe to prepare the load of whole-grain bread. It is a healthy option where you can enjoy different nutrients offered by whole grains.

Now that you know about a lot of bread types, it is essential to know what multigrain bread is.

Multigrain Bread

By the name of the bread, you could have analyzed that it is made from flour prepared from multiple grains. Various healthy whole grains such as wheat, barley, quinoa, and oats are combined in a proper proportion and milled to form the multigrain flour. The nutritional value offered by multigrain flour is highest, and therefore the bread loaf is heavier and healthy. The flour has a darker shade and is very coarse. It has a high amount of fiber content that makes it easy to digest and absorb the nutritional values.

How To Use The Best Bread?

Multigrain Bread

When you buy bread from the grocery store, it is a good idea to go through the ingredients list and the nutritional value each bread type contains. It will help you in selecting the best bread for daily consumption. When you are getting the option, make sure you are choosing the whole wheat bread, whole grain bread, or multigrain bread as they would be having high nutrition. White bread does not offer any specific nutrition and can be consumed just for the taste.


Bread is a healthy breakfast, and you can consume it on a daily basis. You can make bread loaf from different types of flour and store it. In this way, you can consume different flavors of bread every day. If you want to buy fresh and high-quality bread, reach out to US flour. They are the leading provider of a wide range of flours in the US. You can also get the flours in bulk.