What Is Vital Wheat Gluten and How To Use It

Thursday, 4-Feb-2021 |

What Is Vital Wheat Gluten and How To Use It

Millions of people are interested in baking, and this interest brings them to the ingredient — Vital Wheat Gluten. This refers to the powdery textured flour that contains the maximum amount of gluten and very little starch. Vital wheat gluten is made out of wheat. The wheat grains are hydrated, and then the starch is removed in order to gain gluten out of it. Once extracted, the gluten is left to dry and then processed to convert into wheat powder. Technically, vital wheat gluten is not flour, but as it is available in powdered form, it is considered to be a type of flour.

How To Make Use Of Vital Wheat Gluten?

Vital Wheat Gluten Is Used In All Types Of Baking:

Vital Wheat Gluten Is Used In All Types Of Baking

You might have come across various baking recipes that list vital wheat gluten as an optional ingredient. It is considered extremely healthy, and if you make use of it in baking recipes, it will provide you with additional protein. So, if you are looking forward to making good use of vital wheat gluten, simply add 2 to 3 tablespoons of wheat gluten to your baking recipes. In this way, you would not only be eating healthy food but also make the loaf of bread or any other baked item extremely soft and pliable. Moreover, you would be able to increase the chewiness of the baked items. Vital wheat gluten will be helpful in improving the structure of the baked items and will ensure stability.

Note: For all the baking recipes, you need to follow a particular ratio while adding vital wheat gluten to the flour. The ratio is 1:2, this means that for every 2 cups of baking flour, you need to add 1 tablespoon of vital wheat gluten.

You Can Make Use Of Vital Wheat Gluten In Pseudo Meat Or Faux Meats:

You Can Make Use Of Vital Wheat Gluten In Pseudo Meat Or Faux Meats

There are many people who are not interested in eating meat — both vegetarians and vegans. So, people following these types of diets can get the required protein content necessary for a balanced diet from the inclusion of vital wheat gluten. There is a form of vegan meat called Seitan. To make the seitan tasty and spicy, it is blended with spices and seasonings and then softened by adding a liquid. You can prepare the seitan in different ways — either by baking it, boiling it, or steaming it. It is the best food item that provides immense protein, and vegetarian and vegan diet followers can eat it.

Now the question is if you wish to buy vital wheat gluten, from where will you get it?

Vital wheat gluten is available in packet form, which has the potential to last for several years (if you do not open the packet seal). It can easily maintain its freshness for more than 6 to 7 months. You can buy vital wheat gluten in bulk quantities or small quantities from any supermarket or even get the flour meal. Some people also purchase it through online stores. But it is always preferred that you check the freshness of the packet while buying the product. According to experts, the shelf life of vital wheat gluten is almost 8 to 9 years if kept sealed or stored in a cool dry place.

Vital wheat gluten is highly nutritious and provides the required protein to the body. But if you are intolerant to gluten, then you must avoid it. There are many people who are allergic or intolerant to gluten, so such people should not consume seitan or any product that includes vital wheat gluten. Besides, it is also found that people generally get confused between vital wheat gluten and gluten flour. Well, both these flours are extremely different. The gluten flour comprises more gluten as compared to the vital wheat gluten. But with the gluten flour, you cannot make seitan, it is possible only with vital wheat gluten.


Vital wheat gluten is extremely nutritious, and you can add it to various baked items to make the baked goods tasty and chewy. You can add it while baking bread or muffins to increase the elasticity of the end product and also make it healthy. If you are health conscious, and not allergic or intolerant to gluten, you should include vital wheat gluten in your daily diet plan. So, what are you waiting for, order a small packet for trial, and if you find it delicious, go ahead and include it in your daily diet plan!