Whole Wheat Flour vs White Flour: What Should You Choose?

Sunday, 1-Nov-2020 |

Whole Wheat Flour vs White Flour What Should You Choose

Flour is considered one of the most basic and most essential food items. Different types of flour are used for baking different items. The two most popular flours that are used for baking purposes are whole wheat flour and white flour. Both the flours are drastically different from each other, right from the texture, color, taste, and aroma. Even the prices of such flour are different. The only similarity between whole wheat flour and white flour is that they are made from whole wheat grains.

According to the research conducted by experts, it is stated that whole wheat flour is healthier than compared to white flour. But when it comes to consuming something tasty, the white flour is generally the first choice. So in such conditions, how will you choose the best flour for yourself?

Let’s understand all the important factors that will help you in deciding the best flour for your family.

Nutritional Information

Do you know what are some of the important nutrients present in just 100g? Let’s check it out!

Nutritional Parameters

Whole Wheat Flour

White Flour




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What Are The Health Effects Of Both The Flour?

According to the research conducted by the researchers of the National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, it was revealed that whole wheat flour contains essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that have the potential to provide protection against cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

As compared to whole wheat flour, white flour does not have high amounts of nutrition.

As the white flour is made from only the endosperm portion of the wheat, most of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins get eliminated during the milling process. Moreover, the white flour would take more time to get digested properly whereas whole wheat flour would be digested easily by the body.

What Are The Different Purposes For Which The Flours Are Used?

You might be knowing that both the flours are high in demand due to their baking abilities. Generally, white flour is used in baking different types of doughnuts, cupcakes, blondies, brownies, among other things. If you try to bake the same items with whole wheat flour, then you might not be able to get the same results. The wheat flour will become more crumbly and the food items won’t feel smooth and soft to eat. You can make use of whole wheat flour in baking items that are good for health, like brown bread.

How The Two Flours Are Different From Each Other InTerms Of Appearance & Texture?

It is one of the most common differences which is known to everyone who is into baking. You would feel that the texture of White flour is very fine and they are white whereas the Whole Wheat flour is slightly coarse and brownish.

What If You Want Tasty As Well As Healthy Food Items?

You might be wondering about what to choose if you want the food to be tasty and also healthy. Well, you can substitute a small amount of white flour with whole wheat flour while baking delicious food items. In this way, you do not have to sacrifice your favorite food and also maintain your health. You can bake muffins, cakes, and brownies without feeling any difference in the taste or softness of the baked items.

From the above-mentioned differences, we get to know that whole wheat flour is considered a better choice than white flour when it comes to maintaining a healthy and fit life. You must start eliminating the use of white flour from the diet chart. If you are not able to do it all of a sudden then try to substitute a small amount of white flour in the whole wheat flour. By following this way, you would be able to reap all the health benefits of whole wheat and maintain an optimal balance in the diet.


By now you know what flour – whole wheat flour / white flour would be the best choice for you and your family. Even if you are getting baked items directly from the store, always ensure that they are made by making use of whole wheat flour instead of white flour. White flour is not good for the digestive tract and generally takes a long time to get digested properly. Moreover, it does not possess any high nutritional value. So your first choice should be whole wheat flour when it comes to a healthy diet.